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Bailout Boost Before Bell

22 Nov

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Barron’s: The Post-Recession Blues.The Great Recession erased $14 trillion of wealth. The U.S. economy won’t show significant growth until Americans start feeling richer, says one economist.

Wall Street

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BBC: Rolls-Royce wins $1.8bn contract. Rolls-Royce has won a $1.8bn (£1.1bn) order from Air China to supply and service 20 aircraft engines.

Bloomberg: Ireland Is Second Euro Nation to Seek Aid as Banks Wobble. Ireland became the second euro country to seek a rescue as the cost of saving its banks threatened a rerun of the Greek debt crisis that destabilized the currency. The euro rose and European bond risk fell.

BusinessWeek: Companies Boost Their Profit Promises. Despite a weak economy, executives see fatter bottom lines, and there are more optimists than pessimists.

CNBC: Fast-Food Strategy. McDonald’s China CEO shares how the firm’s coping with Beijing’s tightening policies and why it’s big on drive-throughs.

Forbes: Three Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In A Recession. My company stayed alive by avoiding them all.

MarketWatch: New Hong Kong property rules hit developer stocks. Shares of Hong Kong property developers and banks were dealt a double blow on Monday, as Hong Kong cracked down on real-estate speculation while Beijing nudged up efforts in its war on inflation.

Reuters: Will U.S. invest in its future? There is consensus about America’s problems, but a growing class divide prevents consensus about solutions.

The Business Insider: One Chart That Signals A Very Strong Coming Holiday Season. With job creation where it’s at, consumer credit is due to pick up.

The Economist: Tea with Michael Spence. The Nobel laureate explainshow major emerging economies are pulling others along, and why the rich world needs to make sacrifices.

The Financial Times: Lucy Kellaway: Alpha women need beta husbands.

The Guardian: Ireland bailout: UK lends £7bn. George Osborne has confirmed the UK will help towards the international rescue, but eurosceptic MPs condemn the cost to the UK taxpayer.

The New York Times: Importing Coal, China Burns It as Others Stop. Ships are lining up to load coal for furnaces in China, which has evolved from a coal exporter to one of the world’s leading purchasers.

The Telegraph: Master of the high seas. A luxury ship from Star Clippers provides a memorable week’s sailing around the Caribbean.

The Wall Street Journal: Buyer’s Guide to Italy. Italians’ carefree attitude is one of the main attractions for those looking to buy a second home in the country. Unfortunately, the country’s property laws aren’t quite as carefree as its residents. We illuminate some of the hidden hazards.


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