How long does a razor really last? Gillette comes clean

10 Jun

Originally posted on Fortune Management & Career Blog:

Talking about a blade’s life span used to be taboo in razor marketing. Then hard times hit.

[cnnmoney-byline src="By Scott Cendrowski, writer-reporter"]

Gilette razorsFORTUNE — This year Gillette debuted a 30-second television spot that will go down in the annals of razor blade marketing. Actor Brandon Quinn begins by telling the audience that Gillette sent him around the world to see how long he could shave with a single ProGlide cartridge. After gallivanting through what looks like the African Savanna, Paris, and some Asian rainforests, he tells viewers what Gillette never had: That the company’s blades last up to five weeks.

Gillette has always been famously tight-lipped when it came to blade life. Ask them anything else about shaving, and you got a thorough response. Did you know the average male takes 150 strokes per shave? Or that men’s faces include 10,000-15,000 hair follicles? Or that 10% of male shavers replace…

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