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State of Housing Market

11 Aug

The Colonies Strikes Back

6 Aug

Olympic Sailing Commentary

5 Aug

Epic Irish commentary during the 3 / 5 minute race start.

200 naked Germans buying groceries

26 Jun

Originally posted on Grist:

When a grocery store in Süderlügum, Germany offered $276 in free groceries to anyone willing to shop naked, they expected maybe 10 brave souls. They got more like 250, including folks from nearby Denmark who cross the border to shop for cheaper alcohol. This video is, I hardly need to tell you, not really safe for work — although there’s nothing all that titillating about it. (That said, if you’re headed to comments to make shitty cracks about people’s bodies, please evaluate your life.)

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Jimmy Carr Roasted Over Tax Arrangements

23 Jun

First episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats after Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance scheme went public.

The Art of Progress

6 Jun

Trying Really Hard To Be Heterosexual

24 May

Some things you just can’t unsee.


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