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Olympic Sailing Commentary

5 Aug

Epic Irish commentary during the 3 / 5 minute race start.

Hedge Funders Einhorn, Shak Alive in Richest-Ever Poker Tournament

2 Jul

Kite Surfer Jumps A Pier

27 Jun

Captured during a tropical storm.

Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless

23 Jun

Cuban joined ESPNs First Take for a debate about the NBA Finals, media coverage and specifically host Skip Bayless’ comments.

Stretching in Times Square: Yoga for masses in New York City

20 Jun

Originally posted on National Post | News:

Thousands of yogis and yoga enthusiasts gathered on Times Square on Wednesday to take part in a mass yoga class to mark the summer solstice during the event which features four free mass yoga session at the heart of Manhattan.

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Two-wheeled adrenaline junkies

14 Jun

Originally posted on Metro News:

Now that we’ve all been provided the opportunity for a good, long think about the zombie apocalypse, perhaps its time to consider some of the overlooked skills that would come in handy and seek out some new mentors. And while most of us wouldn’t have the stomach to get hone some parkour skills, rolling a bike through an urban obstacle course could one day save your life. Because there’s only so far that sitting on your front porch with a shotgun and a jug of water will take you.

More info on Lucas Brunelle and Line Of Sight can be found here.

(Via Zenga Bros)

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Canadian climber Shriya Shah-Klorfine’s body removed from Mount Everest by helicopter

29 May

Originally posted on National Post | News:

The body of Shriya Shah-Klorfine, a Canadian woman who died while returning from the summit of Mount Everest, has been brought off the world’s tallest mountain.

A spokesman from Utmost Adventure Trekking says Shah-Klorfine’s body has been taken via helicopter from Mount Everest to her family in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.

Ganesh Thakuri says a team of climbers managed to bring the Toronto woman’s remains down from an area more than 8,000 metres above sea level to a camp within helicopter rescue range on Monday, but bad weather prevented the body from being flown off the peak right away.

Shah-Klorfine was among four climbers who died while trying to scale Mount Everest on May 19.

They died under what’s being described as overcrowded conditions in the mountain’s so-called death zone in the final stretch of the climb.

The 33-year-old had previously stated that climbing Everest was a long-held dream.


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