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The Theft of “Black Gold” on the High Seas

29 Mar

Originally posted on Lori Ann LaRocco's Blog:

After the news of  Pirates attacking an American-flagged oil industry vessel off the Nigerian coast early Thursday and then abducted two US citizens–the  captain and the chief engineer, I wanted to repost a piece on piracy I wrote back in March.

In the news industry we have a term “evergreen” pieces, meaning these stories can be done at any time and can be held and used whenever. They are timeless. Unfortunately, my piracy blog below can be considered an “evergreen” piece because the problem of pirates attacking vessels and kidnapping crew members is on going problem.

The reason behind the terror on the water can range from money the pirates would get for ransom to the cargo itself. My piece below is about the theft of crude oil.  I urge you all to take a moment and really look at the pictures of the crew members who were freed. No…

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The Colonies Strikes Back

6 Aug

Carol Stephenson: What is the most common mistake startups make when looking for investors?

19 Jun

Originally posted on Financial Post | Business:

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