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200 naked Germans buying groceries

26 Jun

Originally posted on Grist:

When a grocery store in Süderlügum, Germany offered $276 in free groceries to anyone willing to shop naked, they expected maybe 10 brave souls. They got more like 250, including folks from nearby Denmark who cross the border to shop for cheaper alcohol. This video is, I hardly need to tell you, not really safe for work — although there’s nothing all that titillating about it. (That said, if you’re headed to comments to make shitty cracks about people’s bodies, please evaluate your life.)

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North Road Restaurant: Another notch in the Danish gastronomic revolution

24 Jun

Originally posted on The Daily Norm:

Denmark, the country that brought us Lego, the Little Mermaid and a whole host of funky, fresh and chic interior design ideas is currently leading the world with its gastronomic innovation. René Redzepi’s two-Michelin starred extravaganza, Noma, has been awarded the ultimate accolade of Best Restaurant in the World for the last three years in a row, stealing the crown from the extended reign of El Bulli long before it closed.

While Noma will soon share its wiles with the best of British when it opens up in Claridge’s during the Olympics (i.e. those who could afford it/ were clever enough to buy a £195/head ticket before they sold out practically as soon as the event was announced), another star of culinary Denmark has drifted over to the British shores and, mercifully for we whose visits to Copenhagen are at best infrequent, is here to stay – I am of course…

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Transparent Cube In Copenhagen Harbour

19 May

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects designed the hedquarters for one of Denmark’s leading mortgage banks, Nykredit. The ten-storey glass structure amply endows the office spaces with natural light from the harbour, thus linking the floors together. The CEO’s office is situated on the 9th floor and contains a clothing cabinet with a hidden escape hatch, built on his request.

Classical Music In Danish Subway

14 May

Passengers in the Copenhagen Metro were surprised by a Philharmonic Orchestra’s Peer Gynt performance.

Rainbow Panorama, Denmark

9 Mar

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A Collection Of Epic Individuals

22 Nov

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Solvay Conference, 1927

Back: A. PiccardE. HenriotP. EhrenfestE. HerzenTh. De DonderE. SchrödingerJ.E. VerschaffeltW. PauliW. HeisenbergR.H. FowlerL. Brillouin;

Middle: P. DebyeM. KnudsenW.L. BraggH.A. KramersP.A.M. DiracA.H. ComptonL. de BroglieM. BornN. Bohr;

Front: I. LangmuirM. PlanckM. CurieH.A. LorentzA. EinsteinP. LangevinCh. E. GuyeC.T.R. WilsonO.W. Richardson

Sovereigns Of The World, 1889

From Left To Right:

  1. Yohannes IV of Ethiopia
  2. Tewfik Pasha of Egypt
  3. Sultan Abdülhamit II of the Ottoman Empire
  4. Naser al-Din Shah Qajar of Persia
  5. Christian IX of Denmark
  6. Luís I of Portugal
  7. William III of the Netherlands
  8. Pedro II of Brazil
  9. Milan Obrenović IV of Serbia
  10. Leopold II of Belgium
  11. Alexander III of Russia
  12. Wilhelm I, German Emperor
  13. Franz Joseph I of Austria
  14. Victoria of the United Kingdom
  15. Jules Grévy of France
  16. Pope Leo XIII
  17. Emperor Meiji of Japan
  18. Guangxu Emperor of China
  19. Umberto I of Italy
  20. Alfonso XII of Spain
  21. Oscar II of the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
  22. Grover Cleveland of the United States of America

I bet they had some brilliant drunken conversations after these gatherings!

Image Source & Further Reading: Wikipedia: 1, 2.

Sentences To Ponder

1 Jan

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The Newmark’s Door spotted some entertaining attempts to answer «Whys?» the past year:

«Why parents hate parenting».

«Why cold, dark, small, and depressive nations top the rankings».

A fjord in Norway, with the Norwegian flag in ...

Norway, one of the «cold, dark, small, and depressive nations» that usually top rankings. Image via Wikipedia

«Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress?» [«Beginning to»?]

«Why Do Harvard Kids Head to Wall Street?».

«Why Do IQ Scores Vary By Nation?».

«Why Are Fewer and Fewer U.S. Employees Satisfied With Their Jobs?»

«Why We Dream: Real Reasons Revealed».

«Why Texas is doing so much better economically than the rest of the nation».

«Why Geeks Hate the iPad».

«Why GPS voices are so condescending».

«Why the Latest Frontier of Statistical Research in Baseball Is Defense».

«Why Do Foreigners Like Fanta So Much?»

«Why Are The East Of Cities Usually Poorer?»


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