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Stripping Down An Engine

29 Jun

To remember how to put the components of an engine back together, the creator snapped 3000 pictures of the process.

Here Is the Craziest Building in Harlem, if Not the Entire City: Diller Scofidio Design New Columbia Medical Building

27 Jun

Bookshelf that hides extra furniture is small-apartment genius

25 Jun

Originally posted on Grist:

If, like me, you have ever lived in a small apartment, you know that there is no good place to put furniture that you need sometimes but not all the time (like extra chairs). Therefore, Orla Reynolds is my new hero. Her furniture emerges “as if from nowhere” — her bookshelves hide a table and four extra chairs.

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Explosive BMW Projectile

22 Jun

This promo for BMW M5, the world’s fastest sedan, utilize slow-motion bullet effects synchronized with Beethoven’s divine 5th Piano Concerto to manifest power and elegance.

5 amazing spaces with surprising ways to stay cool

22 Jun

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Going to an outdoor event during the steamy months of summer generally involves packing a miniature fan and slathering yourself in sunscreen, as most venues do little to shade attendees in the cheap seats. This is something Wolfgang Kessling, of the German climate engineering firm Transsolar, would like to change. In a talk at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Kessling describes the challenge of designing an open-air stadium in Qatar to host the World Cup in June 2022, which would keep both the players and fans feeling cool in Doha’s legendary heat (in the month of June, the daily high temperature is around 106F / 41C, according to Weather.com). Not a proponent of blasting attendees with energy-wasting cold air, Kessler suggests several innovations—for example, PV membranes that collect solar energy as they shade a stadium, and “radiant cooling” achieved by piping chilled water through a stadium floor.

“Our general…

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The coolest tiny home we’ve seen recently has a giant hole in the roof

19 Jun

Originally posted on Grist:

The key to small-space living is not feeling cramped, which makes this Barcelona apartment the pinnacle of the genre. The home uses sliding doors to open the 430-square-foot apartment up for a sense of space, or close it for privacy. But the centerpiece of the house is the hole in the ceiling — a plant-filled half-outdoor shower that’s built like a chimney, open to the sky. (Don’t worry — there are camouflaging plants on top, so the drones will have to work VERY hard to see you naked.)

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iPhone Mod Gives Your Phone A Bit Of Rainbow Flavor

11 Jun

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Although Apple seems to want to forget all about that sad, dark time when their logo featured all the colors of the rainbow, this iPhone mod – really an aluminium back plate – will bring those memories rushing back. You can swap out the plate simply by unscrewing the two small screws at the bottom of your phone and a four bucks more gets you a glowing, translucent rainbow logo.

Sure it’s not as cool as the transparent mod I saw in China a few months ago, but if you want some real old school styling this may be a good choice.

Product Pagevia MICGadget

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