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Ai Weiwei at Lisson gallery in Milan

17 May

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Where: At Lisson Gallery, Milan, Italy

When: until may 25th, 2012

Chinese conceptual artist, architect, activist, antiques collector, and designer ai weiwei‘s first solo exhibition in italy has opened at lisson gallery in milan. Each work has been developed by the artist in either ceramic or marble, calling upon the traditional techniques typical to either medium.

marble plate’ by ai weiwei, 2010

Ai weiwei’s newer work, ‘marble plate’ is representative of the artist’s highly versatile work outside ceramics of which he has carved the natural stone with an intricate pattern.

detailed perspective of ‘marble plate’

Ai weiwei,  installation view 


View original

Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago

15 May

It doesn’t end well when a $225,000 Lamborghini Gallardo races through turn on a Chicago suburb street.

Venice in a Day

10 May

A timelapse that captures a day in Venice, from dawn to dusk.

Venice By Dusk

5 May

Volcano-Shaped Shopping Center

3 Apr

Il Vulcano Buono, built in Nola – province of Naples, southern Italy.

Do A Barrel Roll

31 Mar

Pons Aemilius In Rome

30 Mar

Ponte Rotto, meaning broken bridge, is the oldest Roman bridge built in stone. In the late 1500s the eastern half destroyed in a flood and the remaining half was dismantled in the 1880s. All that remains today of this over two thousand year old bridge is this single arch.

Ettore Roesler Franz painted Ponte Rotto around 1880.



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