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Twitter marketers: why almost everything you know from Facebook is wrong

30 Jun

This Extended Galaxy S III Ad Will Pull On Your Technological Heart Strings

26 Jun

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the phone you’ve been waiting for (per our review), and you may be waiting a bit longer due to some slight shortages on GSIII supply, but luckily this extended version of the ad can coddle us through this very difficult period.

This is the most emotional portrayal of gadgetry I’ve ever seen out of Samsung. We’ve watched the Galaxy Note turn life into a party, and snickered at Apple fanbois. Most recently, we even saw Samsung go a little more bare bones, simply talking up features, kind-of-sort-of-maybe conjuring up images of Apple’s iPhone commercials? Maybe?

Either way, this one is sure to pull on your little heart strings, and it couldn’t play up the awesome and varied features of the phone any better. The ad is about two minutes long, running through romantic portrayals of S Beam being used…

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WATCH: The E.U.’s Breathtakingly Sexist Science Video

25 Jun

Originally posted on NewsFeed:

Maybe it’s the Euro crisis that seems to have turned the brains of the European Union’s (probably male) image-makers soft. You can hardly spend all week trying to bail out Greece, hang onto Spain and keep Germany from getting surly (never a good idea) without making a mistake or two somewhere else.

(MORE: Why Men and Women Kiss Differently)

Perhaps that’s why the E.U. gave a thumbs up to its now-yanked  video, “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” which has been rightly blow-torched in every corner of the planet with so much as a dial-up iMac, and vanished from the E.U. website almost as soon as it was posted. (Still available on YouTube, but viewer discretion advised: You shall despair of a species capable of such numbskullery.)

In fairness, the E.U. brain trust was responding to a real need. As education officials noted in a June 21 post

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Explosive BMW Projectile

22 Jun

This promo for BMW M5, the world’s fastest sedan, utilize slow-motion bullet effects synchronized with Beethoven’s divine 5th Piano Concerto to manifest power and elegance.

Samsung’s saucy Smart TV ad: “Look, don’t touch”

24 May

Apple airs two new Siri commercials titled “Joke” and “Life”, featuring John Malkovich

24 May

And Now, Fruit Shaped Like Juice Boxes

23 May

Originally posted on NewsFeed:

Just when we’d gotten used to the idea of square watermelons and bonsai kittens comes the latest in plant-life modification: fruit grown in the shape of a juice box.

It’s the masterstroke of a recent ad campaign for Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar, thought up by the creative agency AGE Isobar as a way to highlight the fact that the company’s juice is all natural.

AGE Isobar built plastic molds in the shape of juice boxes and placed them over budding fruit. The fruit would then fill in the mold as it grew. After two years of trial-and-error experimentation, they were able to create lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples and oranges in the shape of Camp Nectar’s signature juice box —  complete with an embossed logo in the center and the outline of a bendy straw on the back. Check out the time-lapse video to see the process.

The 1,123…

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