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Prolog Du Jour

13 Sep

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Barron’s: Why Is Tech So Unloved? The shares have dropped to their lowest valuation, relative to the S&P, since March 1991.

BBC: Central bankers agree new rules. Regulators from 27 nations more than doubled their capital requirements for banks, giving lenders as long as eight years to comply in full, as part of international efforts to prevent future financial crises.

Bloomberg: Strengthening Chinese Domestic Demand Undermines Case to Limit Yuan’s Gain. Evidence of strengthening domestic spending in China undermined the case for Premier Wen Jiabao’s government to resist a faster pace of currency appreciation days before U.S. lawmakers meet to address the issue.

BusinessWeek: Tracking 25 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

Forbes: Fire The Status Quo Police. Their power to prevent innovation can devastate your business.
TIANJIN/CHINA, 27SEPT08 - Wen Jiabao, Premier ...

Wen Jiabao, Premier of the People's Republic of China via Wikipedia

MarketWatch: Recovery’s yin and yang: Investors will get look at recovery’s critical components in coming week with reports U.S. retail sales and manufacturing.

Reuters: Investors, prepare for volatility.

The Economist: Banyan hears grudging admiration for undemocratic power cuts in China.

The Business Insider: Facebook Passes Google In Time Spent On Site For First Time Ever.

The Financial Times: Lucy Kellaway:Why toddlers have the perfect CEO skills.

The Guardian: No British banks in top 10 of world’s safest financial institutions.

The New York Times: The Loneliest Analyst. When a Florida bank sued the analyst Richard X. Bove for his critique of its financial health, his colleagues and his employer abandoned him.

The Wall Street Journal: Power Investing: There’s a lot of money to be made—and lost—in the energy markets. Here are signposts to watch to help tap potential winners.


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