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From Shipyard To Graveyard

29 May

Ever Prosperity: The two ships to wreck on the reef coast of new Caledonia have an unusual story.

The Ever Prosperity were twin vessels with the same name and same base port in Monrovia, Liberia. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing they had in common. In 1965, the first «Ever Prosperity» went straight up on the shallow West Coast barrier reef. In 1970, the second one did exactly the same. Responsible: a Korean skipper, the same man (!) who had been commanding each ship at time of grounding.

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Coordinates Ever Prosperity 1970 / 1965 : 22°27’20.70″S 166°22’00.69″E  / 21°54’38.45″S 165°45’19.01″E

First To Ground: Ever Prosperity, Parked In 1965.

Google Map

Panagiotis, a costal trading vessel dedicated to trade cargo through local, shallow waters, spent the later part of her life as a smuggler ship. In 1980, the ship made her way from Turkey with a freight of contraband cigarettes, allegedly ordered by the Italian Mafia. The Panagiotis was pursued by the Greek Navy, and ran aground in a shallow cove, to the north of Porto Vromi, where the crew abandoned ship to evade the pursuing authorities. Today the wreck is a is a much-valued tourist attraction.

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Coordinates : 37°51’34.45″N 20°37’29.37″E

Google Map

Gallant Lady: A rusted hulk located in North Bimini, Bahamas.

There is not much information about where the Gallant Lady, above, came from, or how she got to Bahamas. I just couldn’t help but adore how the charming rust hulk, and the contrasting surroundings, formed such a beautiful scenery. However, the wreck is not alone on these sunny islands. I found a feature about another spectacular shipwreck in the area, SS Sapona – a concrete-hulled cargo. She was authorized by Woodrow Wilson during World War I, as part of a fleet of concrete ships, because steel was in short supply.The last owner, Bruce Bethel, used the ship as a warehouse for alcohol during the era of prohibition, and also intended to turn SS Sapona into a floating nightclub. The wreck itself has served as backdrop for a horror movie, Shock Waves, 1977, but the surrounding area is probably most known as popular site for divers.

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Coordinates: 25°44′N 79°15′W

Google Map

Happy Ending: Murmansk, 1955, a light cruiser of the Soviet and later the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet, is set to be removed later this year.

Murmansk was sold to India in 1994, for scrapping, but ran aground off the Norwegian village of Sørvær during the transfer. AF Gruppen and the Norwegian Coastal Administration have signed an agreement to remove the ship by the fall / winter 2011.

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Coordinates : 70°38’8.58″N 21°57’23.46″E

Google map

The Norwegian Coastal Administration and partner, AF Gruppen, have decided to document the removal of Murmansk with a webcam. At the end of this unique project, the images taken will merge into a time-lapse sequence. Get the details and watch the livecam >> Here.

>> To be Continued!

Credits: Panoramio, Google Maps, Wikipedia & Artificial Owl.


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